Gold Plating & Nickel Plating Specifications:

Project Description Electroless nickel plate a large process chamber. Plated surface must be free of all defects (pits – scratches – plating voids) and conform to multiple surface finish characteristics machined into the part. Part geometry is complex in shape and number of openings
Plating Process Used Electroless Nickel Plating
Base Material Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Material Applied Nickel
Material Finish Hand Finish
Product Size Custom size as per customer’s request
Product Weight up to 50 lbs
Volume Produced Per customer’s request
Delivery Location Texas, California, Singapore
Standards Followed ASTM B 733
MIL-C-26074 Electroless Nickel Plating
AMS 2404
Customer Specifications
Special Feature Plated per customer specification, free of all defects (pits, voids, scratches, burrs)
Customer focus Semiconductor equipment and Refurbishing industry